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Revenue Share

$PIRB token holders are entitled to receive revenue shares from all PIRBView & PIRBView Pro incomes if eligible.
Requirements for eligibility: – Min. holding of 0.2% of the $PIRB total supply (138,840 $PIRB tokens) – Hold and don’t transfer out/sell any $PIRB for at least 7 days before share distributions
Income streams: - 30% of all ad income of PIRBView - 30% of all monthly ETH subscriptions to PIRBView Pro
All ad income from PIRBView & PIRBView Pro will be pooled in this wallet: 0x06162ef217D7bcDef277afE76B03840643e1c533 (click to see on Etherscan)
💡 30% of this balance will be distributed to eligible $PIRB holders through airdrops. The airdrops won’t be announced prior and are based on the size of your wallet (larger holdings = larger share).
Distribution will be in ETH directly, as long as the chart remains stable. If the chart requires support, we will initiate $PIRB buy-backs and airdrop $PIRB tokens to you.
Last modified 1mo ago