The "Early Buyers Map" is the most popular PIRBView feature, displaying the first 70 buyers of a token (first 210 buyers on PIRBView Pro) and their current holding status in real-time.
FIrst 70 buyers analysis with the /e TOKENNAME or /e CONTRACTADDRESS command
It displays the first 70 buyers (first 210 buyers on PIRBView Pro) of the scanned token after trading has been enabled, typically consisting of launch snipers. These wallets represent the most profitable ones, belonging to the earliest 70 buyers.
If you are interested in a newly launched token and are considering a purchase, this scan could assist you in timing your buy-in for the most opportune moment.
The more red emojis you observe in the result, the higher the chances of avoiding a post-purchase dump, considering the current status of the token.
However, exercise caution; the 'Fresh Wallet' indicator in the results usually represents new wallets created by team members to sell tokens discreetly after their early buy transactions.
If there are numerous fresh wallets in the first few lines of the map displayed that have sold (red emojis), it may indicate that the team has likely dumped their tokens and has no further intentions to push the project.
Additionally, scrutinize the current holding percentages in relation to the total supply, as a high percentage observed here could pose a potential risk as well.
If there are numerous red emojis which are not representing fresh wallets but no active buy/sell transactions, it would still be advisable to refrain from making a purchase.