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PIRBView Token Scanner

PIRBView can be found under https://t.me/PIRBViewBot
You can either DM the bot or invite it into any group of yours to scan any token contract.
Fast links to the more advanced features of PIRBView: ➡️ EarlyBuyersMap ➡️ BubbleMap ➡️ JeetMap ➡️ WhaleMap ➡️ HoldersMap ➡️ OverlapMap ➡️ AirdropMap ➡️ Top 15 Holders ➡️ Team & Tax Analysis ➡️ Wallet Profit & Loss Analysis ➡️ Charts & Trading Analysis ➡️ Buy & Sell Trades ➡️ Miscellaneous features
Find all available scan types after sending the /commands command to the bot or find explanations and usage instructions for the more advanced features of PIRBView in the navigation bar on the left side of this whitepaper.
Usage instructions for short info scans and full security scans can be seen down below ⬇️

Request a short info scan with the /i TOKENNAME or /i CONTRACTADDRESS command
Full security scan with /s TOKENNAME or /s CONTRACTADDRESS or directly pasting a contract address/chart link

More features are being developed currently and will be added shortly! Please report any issues you may encounter while using the bot to the PIRB team asap.