The "JeetMap" feature is another first for Telegram token scanners, introduced by PIRB the master coder.
Generate a JeetMap to show holders which dump fast or hold for longer with the /j TOKENNAME or /j CONTRACTADDRESS command
This tool provides insights by presenting the current Top 70 holders (Top 210 holders on PIRBView Pro) of the scanned token and analyzing their historical sales patterns across various other tokens they have previously bought.
Those who tend to sell rapidly after purchasing are labeled as 'Jeets', while those who tend to hold onto their assets for an extended period are classified as 'Chads'. Additionally, the scan identifies 'Fresh Wallets', which are typically newly created wallets often controlled by the token's development team.
Now, you might be wondering, "How should I interpret the information presented by this scan?"
If you observe a significant number of 'Jeet' or 'Fresh Wallet' Emojis within the first three lines of the scan results, it is advisable to exercise caution when considering an investment in this token. This is because there is a high likelihood that 'Jeets' or 'Fresh Wallets' may engage in selling shortly after your purchase, resulting in potential losses for you.
The scan also presents the average holding duration for wallets among the Top 70 holders. This metric reveals the average length of time a wallet retains a purchased token before selling 1% of the total token supply. Identifying an exceptionally short holding duration within this data can serve as an additional potential warning sign.
Investors should be wary of such scenarios as they can indicate a higher risk of price manipulation or intentional market manipulation, which can lead to unfavorable outcomes for investors.
Therefore, it's essential to thoroughly evaluate the data provided by the JeetMap scan to make informed investment decisions and minimize potential risks associated with newly launched tokens.
Last modified 2mo ago