Team & Tax Analysis

Analyzing a token's team is crucial before investing in a DeFi token.
PIRBView offers two types of scans that assist you in analyzing a token team's deployer and other associated wallets. Additionally, it provides insights into the taxes collected by the team and their utilization. These scans are invaluable tools for gaining a deeper understanding of the token's development team and their financial activities, helping investors make informed decisions.

The first scan is the "Team" scan which shows the deployer wallet and all other associated team wallets.
Team analysis with the /team TOKENNAME or /team CONTRACTADDRESS command
This scan also reveals whether the deployer wallet and its funding wallet have ever pulled liquidity from a token, which could be indicative of a potential rug pull. However, it's important to emphasize the need for thorough research since there are various techniques that can be employed to obscure this statistic.

The second scan is the "Tax" scan which shows all collected taxes by a tokens team if the token imposes taxes on buy and sell transactions.
Tax analysis with the /tax TOKENNAME or /tax CONTRACTADDRESS command
This scan is an essential tool for investors to gain insight into how taxes are managed within the token's ecosystem, helping them assess the token's financial transparency and the team's commitment to its development.
Investors should exercise due diligence and consider multiple factors when evaluating a token's security and trustworthiness to make well-informed decisions.