Book ads on PIRBView

PIRB accepts 3rd party advertisements now!

Available ad types: - Text ads below all kind of PIRBView scans - Mass DM service to over 33'000 unique users - Full posts with Pic/Video pinned to t.me/PIRBAds - Telegram story post via t.me/PIRBAds
Current prices of all ad types can be found behind this link. The text advertisements below PIRBView scans can be booked through our automated self-serve ad system by sending t.me/PIRBViewBot a DM with the /advert command.
Select the date for your advertisement to go live, payments are handled automatically via the bot
All advertisements are automatically posted on the PIRBAds channel, and users who wish to use the bot via direct messages are required to join this channel (mandatory requirement).
For longer timeframes, mass direct messages (DMs) and ad bundles, please contact @MrsRoB0TNiK or @Heisenman upon personal request.