P&L for the last 15 trades of the top 50 holders

PIRBView Pro provides a comprehensive profit and loss analysis for the top 50 holders' wallets of the scanned token. The summary includes information on the last 15 trades conducted by each wallet in the list.
Generate a Profit & Loss analysis of the last 15 trades of each top 45 holder of a token with the /tpnl CONTRACTADDRESS or /tpnl CONTRACTADDRESS command
It evaluates the historical trading activity for the Top 50 holders of the scanned token, calculating profits and losses based on their last 15 traded tokens.
By analyzing this data, investors can identify wallets with a consistently high success rate for positive trades.
This information is valuable for individuals interested in copy trading, as it allows them to identify and replicate the strategies of successful wallets, potentially enhancing their own trading outcomes by following the patterns of those with a proven track record of profitability in the volatile DeFi space.