Early Contract Address Finder

PIRBView Pro's EARLY CONTRACT ADDRESS (ECA) FINDER displays token contract addresses that have been scanned the most in the last 24 hours by http://t.me/PIRBViewBot before trading is enabled for them.
Trigger: /eca
Find early contract addresses of non-live tokens with the /eca command
This feature enables you to spot early gems before trading has been enabled for them. The more unique users have scanned a token before going live, the more potential it has to perform well after going live. Copy the Etherscan link and paste it to PIRBView Pro to see the analysis of the contract functions and socials of the token. Please conduct thorough due diligence before investing in any of the tokens listed, as anyone can scan any contract, including potentially malicious ones, and the PIRB team does NOT conduct audits on any of these tokens.