BotCompiler is the first and a strategic partner of PIRB, having acquired PIRB tokens for their treasury early on. BotCompiler offers a novel approach to generating passive income through its $BOTC treasury, which invests in promising protocols and shares the resulting revenue with its community of token holders. By holding $BOTC tokens, investors can access a diversified revenue-sharing model, minimizing the risk associated with individual third-party assets. The protocol manages a diverse portfolio that includes revenue-sharing bot tokens and high-growth, low-cap tokens, aiming to fund the treasury and distribute revenue to $BOTC holders. Website: https://botcompiler.com/​

Call Analyser
Call Analyser is a tracking service for token calls, allowing you to easily spot if a DeFi token is popular and backed by KOL's.
Click the '
Check for Calls' link on the bottom part of the full scans of PIRBView & PIRBView Pro to see if any influencers called the token you are scanning. The link forwards you to their bot with the contract address pre-entered, just click the 'Start' button at the bottom of the chat window to see if any callers called the token.
They added our bot to their scans with deep links as well, click the 'PIRB Scan' link on any scan results of http://t.me/CallAnalyser or http://t.me/CallAnalyserBot to scan the same contract within PIRBView directly.
Last modified 1mo ago