Top 15 Holders

The "Top 15 Holders" scan feature provides crucial insights into the token's ecosystem (Top 45 holders on PIRBView Pro).
Top 15 Holders analysis with the /h TOKENNAME or /h CONTRACTADDRESS command
One of the key data points it offers is the "Fresh Wallet" indicator. Fresh Wallets primarily consist of recently generated wallets by a token's team, often used to obscure their purchases of their own tokens.
When a substantial number of fresh wallets appear among the Top 100 holders of a newly launched token, it raises concerns about the potential for a significant sell-off. As an investor, it's important to exercise caution when considering tokens with a high prevalence of fresh wallets in their top holders, as this may indicate a riskier investment.
In addition to identifying fresh wallets, our scan also presents the bag size of the Top 15 holders as a percentage of the total token supply, allowing you to assess concentration levels. Furthermore, you can view the current USD value of their holdings, giving you a comprehensive view of the token's distribution and potential impact on its price dynamics.