The "AirdropMap" provides transparency by showcasing up to 70 airdrop recipients (210 airdrop recipients on PIRBView Pro) who have received tokens through transfers from the token's development team.
See up to 70 wallets which have been airdropped the token by the developer of a project with the /a TOKENNAME or /a CONTRACTADDRESS command
This critical security check aims to determine whether these recipients still possess their airdropped tokens, if they have acquired more, if they've transferred them to different wallets, or if they have opted to sell them.
Investors should exercise caution when considering tokens with a history of airdrops, particularly if the token did not undergo a presale where tokens were allocated to participants.
While airdrops can serve as a marketing strategy, they also introduce potential risks. Token holders who received tokens for free may be more inclined to sell them quickly, potentially affecting the token's price stability. Furthermore, the absence of token retention among airdrop recipients could imply a lack of long-term commitment to the project, potentially impacting its sustainability.
Therefore, it is imperative for investors to carefully evaluate these factors before making investment decisions in such tokens.