These are filtered Ethereum Mainnet live pairs which might have potential to moon. We conduct various scans immediately after third-party contract deployments to identify the most profitable launches on the Ethereum Mainnet for PIRBView Pro users.
It is strongly recommended NOT to blindly invest in these automatically identified tokens. Please conduct your own research and, at the very least, check their socials before considering an investment. These calls are NOT manually curated by any member of the PIRB team.
These calls can be found
  • in the PIRB ALPHAS channel, where less strict rules are applied. This channel provides indicators related to holders with high win-streaks, high return on investments, overall average holding time (JeetMap), and fresh wallet indicators (typically wallets owned by team members of the token). These indicators are the followings: - High winrate wallets: 🔴 Low / 🟡 Medium / 🟢 High - High ROI wallets: 🔴 Low / 🟡 Medium / 🟢 High - Avg. hold time: 🔴 Low / 🟡 Medium / 🟢 High - Fresh wallets: ✅ None / 🟢 Low / 🟡 Medium / 🔴 High Send the command /alpha to PIRBView Pro in order to receive access to the PIRB ALPHAS channel.
  • in the PIRBERTS VIP Telegram group, where much stricters rules are applied and only tokens with holders exhibiting with very high win-streaks etc. are posted and pinned to this group. Send the command /pirbert to PIRBView Pro in order to receive access to the PIRBERT VIP group.
Verify your $PIRB holdings or subscribe for 0.1 ETH/Month to t.me/PIRBViewPROBot. A detailed tutorial on how to receive access can be found here.